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NOVA 2100SF ladbar dykkelykt inkl. tilbehør, Scubapro

Produktnummer: 30400001

inkl. mva.

Nova 2100 (w Goodman). To lys vinkler, 65 grader (2100 lumen) for video og 15 grader (800 Lumen) for spot.


NOVA 2100SF oppladbar dykkelykt inkl. tilbehør, Scubapro

Batteri indikator, 55 min brenntid på på full styrke. Testet til 100 meter. Pakken inkluderer en mengde tilbehør, blandt annet GoPro adapter og 3 typer håndtak.

Lys innstillinger:

  • 100% Flood
  • 50% Flood
  • 100% Spot
  • 50% Flood + 75% Spot
  • 25% Flood + 50% Spot

Blink mode, enkle "strobe" eller SOS. 

NOVA 2100 SF

The powerful new Nova 2100 SF (Spot Flood) multi-use dive light offers both a 65º wide beam and a 15º spot beam adapt to different diving situations. Five light modes plus an emergency signal mode provide lots of versatility, with one-button control for easy operation. Extremely reliable, the waterproof battery compartment is isolated so even if the O-ring seal fails water cannot reach the internal components. The Nova 2100 SF comes as a set with both a large and a small Goodman Handle, plus a pistol grip handle and a GoPro adapter. Or, it can also be purchased without handles if you want to use it with a video arm system. Both lights come with a wrist lanyard, rechargeable battery, charger and spare part, all packed in a zippered EVA carry case.

  • Dual beams include a powerful 2100 lumen 65º wide beam and 800 lumen 15° spot beam
  • Wide beam features 6x Cree XM-L2 LEDs; the spot beam features 1x Cree XPL LED
  • Five primary light modes: 100% Flood, 50% Flood, 100% Spot, 50% Flood + 75% Spot, and 25% Flood + 50% Spot
  • Hidden emergency signal mode offers a one-second blink interval and SOS Morse code. Simply push and hold the power button for four seconds to activate
  • Simple one-button control lets you power on and off, adjust brightness and switch beam angle
  • Provides 55 minutes of burn time at full power and constant brightness
  • Depth tested to 100m
  • Corrosion-proof aluminium light head improves heat dispersion and increases durability
  • Over-pressure valve releases battery off-gassing
  • Completely isolated battery compartment protects internal components from water intrusion
  • Universal 1⁄4-20 tripod mount attaches to a Goodman handle, Monopod or optional Y-S adapter
  • Package includes: SCUBAPRO UW light head, 25 Wh lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, AC power adapter, charging tray, international plug adapters, spare O-rings, O-ring lubricant, O-ring removal tool, carry cas with foam insert and instruction manual.