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Analog 3 - Manometer, dybde & kompass i konsoll, Scubapro

Produktnummer: 05011714

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Scubapro 3 gauge inline console

This sleek, three-gauge console combines a SCUBAPRO metal pressure gauge, depth gauge (DIGITAL 330 or Standard Depth Gauge 60m ) and FS-2 compass, creating an easy-to-use, at-a-glance information center.

  • Compact Pressure Gauge 0-400 bars (Ø 48mm)
  • Oil-filled analog depth gauge 60m with linear Bourdon tube design
  • 35-degree tilt, oil-filled compass

Even the most skilled divers rely on their equipment in an underwater excursion. Whether monitoring depth, tracking the duration of an underwater adventure or measuring air supply, divers must be able to easily and quickly read their instruments. Scubapro gauges and other instruments offer you the utmost reliability and precision, whether navigating via compass or measuring time, depth and air pressure.