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Apollo Bio Fin Pro (M) svømmeføtter, gummi

Produktnummer: 6A1508280001

inkl. mva.

Partisalg, kun størrelse Medium. Svømmeføtter i 100% naturlig gummi

Apollo Bio Fin PRO Svømmeføtter (M)

Produsert av 100% naturlig gummi.

Brand does matter!  Apollo Bio Fins are only split fins made from 100% natural rubber material.  The Bio Fin has proven to be a superior design for short and long distance water operations.  Its capability covers all aspects of military operations such as MCT (Maritime Counter Terrorism), MTO (Maritime Tactical Operations), MCM (Mine Counter Measures) and UBDR (Underwater Battle Damage Repair).

Operators prefer to use the Bio Fin Pro series because the natural rubber is negatively buoyant.   The flexibility of rubber increases thrust and reduces the risk of surface splashing.  If the operator is required to discard the fin, it will sink to the bottom so as not to alert the target of operators presence.  The design of the fin make it ideal for helicopter drops.

Independently voted the best overall fin in the world by Scuba Diving Magazine and the first choice of many Military Special Forces units worldwide.

  • Adjustable rubber strap or stainless steel spring strap
  • 100% natural rubber blade and foot pocket
  • Eliminates muscle cramping
  • Up to 40% reduction in muscle fatigue, energy output and air consumption; longest recorded bottom times during testing
  • Low Strain 20º angled blade works with the natural resting angles of ankle and knee
  • Easy finning for all levels of fitness
  • Increased maximum speed, reduced fatigue
  • Open toe foot pocket for added comfort
BioFin Size
Lengde (mm)     560      
Bredde (mm)     234      
Vekt (Kg)     2,48      
Med 5 mm sko (cm)      24~27       

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