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Arvest Mk5 Surface Diver Harness w/QR Weight Pockets (Lace up cylinder holder)

Produktnummer: DE395

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Arvest Mk 5

A combination tool harness, recovery harness, bailout cylinder harness and weight belt all in one. The Arvest is standard issue throughout the diving industry.

The ’harness’ arrangement will support a fully kitted diver securely and with comfort. The lower ’D’ rings are well placed for tool or umbilical fastenings.

The strap tails are neatly stored out of the way by the use of velcro - no annoying loose strap ends.

The diver may be recovered in the event of injury by attaching an appropriate recovery tackle to either of the shoulder mounted ’D’ rings or via the ’D’ ring located on the left and right chest / shoulder straps.

Two versions of cylinder holder are available - one with a lace up holder allowing fitment of cylinders with diameters ranging from 4" to 9", the other with a Kampac quick release backpack.

(Lace-Up Holder)
Order Code: DE395
(with Kampac Backpack)
Order Code: DE395K