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BrestStroke Dame 3.2.2. Neopren heldrakt svømming (S-2XL) HEAD

Produktnummer: 94-452169X

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HEAD Breaststroke 3.2.2.

Full wetsuit for breaststroke and crawl

For bestilling og valg av stxrrelser, se varianter under produkt tekst. Ordering, scroll down to the bottom of this page for sizes. "Breaststroke/Brystsvxmming" Melskjema/Size chart (UK) PDF, Info/Guide SwimRun (N) PDF, Info/Guide Triathlon (N) PDF, Info/Guide Open Water (N) PDF,

The suit is made of a very flexible neoprene that provides good comfort and fit. 3 mm thick on the body and 2 mm around the arms and legs. No irritating seams on exposed areas that will cause chafing. Nylon covered neoprene, both inside and outside, makes the suit very durable. The suit is also suitable for other water sports.

Available in both womens and mens models.

  • Standard facing zipper
  • Low neck for comfort
  • 2 mm neoprene around the shoulders and arms for great flexibility
  • 3 mm front panel for optimum buoyancy
  • Extra stitches for easy adjustment of arm length
  • 2 mm neoprene for more effective breaststroke kick
  • Extra stitches for easy adjustment of leg length

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