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Waterproof D1X HYBRID membran tørrdrakt


The D1X Drysuit is the new generation amazing suits based on the famous D1 Hybrid Waterproof developed, patented and released a couple of years ago. The patented D1 Hybrid was the first existing Insulated Constant Volume Drysuit. And has so far no followers from competitors to match its unique features offered to divers.

So why D1X – how do you make D1 Hybrid, the best drysuit ever, better?
It is really all a matter of material development. It is an ongoing process; the future will always create new materials and this means progress. We also have done minor design alterations to respond to the feedback we got from the users. Waterproof has always been keen on keeping up with the latest to remain the leading suit producer in the diving industry. D1X have several new features based on new available materials.


  • Anatomical sculpting – All critical parts concerning mobility, like arms, legs and torso have been anatomically designed to enhance the liberty of action.
  • APP – Waterproof’s Advanced Performance Programme.
  • Dual convertible Power Pockets – Allow easy selection of huge capacity or slim profile based upon your need. With stainless steel D-Rings and cord loops.
  • Flexible neckring – The Quick Neck ring from SI TECH is a flexible ring for the neck seal. Follows the shape of your shoulders. Works with Latex, Silicone and Neoprene seals.
  • Improved 3D Mesh inner lining 50D – The integrated patented 3D Mesh inner lining 50D is softer and more flexible than the previous model. Still with the same outstanding insulation.
  • Included spare set of WP SILICONE SEALS – One Silicone WristSeal and one Silicone NeckSeal are included in the suit.
  • Moulded Velcro Tabs – New TPU tab with moulded velcro hooks, sticks only to the assigned velcro part.
  • Warm cuffs – The arms are equipped with detachable warm cuffs that minimize heat loss at the wrists.
  • WP INTEGRATED QUICK SEAL SYSTEM – The wrists are equipped with QCS Oval ring system from SI TECH. The preinstalled Silicone seals are extremely comfortable and easy to change.
  • WP SILICONE NECK SEAL – The NeckSeal is fixed to the suit with a unique neck-ring. Easy to change. Features great chemical UV and ozone resistance paired with a high comfort factor.

Men XS, S, S/t, M, M+, M/t, ML, ML/t, L, L+, L/t, XL, XL/t, XXL, XXL/t, 3XL*, 3XL/t+*

Ladies XS, S, M, M+, ML, ML/t, L, L+, XL

*3XL and 3XL/t have larger wrist rings. These rings do not fit the Ultima DGS system, but fit the Quick Glove system from SI TECH.