Drybag, Black 117 Litre "Pakk sekk" Northern Diver, NY

Varenummer: Drybag-L-K

Topp Roll Drybag Northern Diver "Pakk Sekk"

"Pakk sekk" med "rull opp topp" for vannsport

Made from ultra heavy-duty 'Top Span' PVC with a roll-top quick release 'Fastex' clip system, to securely close and seal the drybag and provide a convenient carry handle.

Place your items in the bag and simply roll the top over and clip, to seal the dry bag.

Keeps the water out and will also keep the water in (if you are transporting wet items).

Available in three convenient sizes, to suit most watersports and many different outdoor pursuits.

The Small size is perfect for stowing inside a canoe/kayak.

The Medium and Large sizes include a 'detachable' shoulder strap, to assist with transporting a heavier load.

All sizes available in black and yellow colour options.

  • Small - 12 Litres, Medium - 51 Litres, Large - 117 Litres
  • Manufactured From Heavy-Duty 'Top Span' PVC
  • Roll-Top System with Quick Release 'Fastex' Buckle
  • Multi Carry Options (Extra Shoulder Strap with M and L)
  • Keeps Water Out and Contents Dry
  • Keeps Water In, When Carrying Wet Items
  • Available in Three Sizes and Two Colours