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DX 500 kg Automarine Bag-M10 løftebag ( Sertifisert ) Parachute Liftbag

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500 kg Automarine Bag-M10 Parachute Liftbag

Parachute Lifting Bags with sertificate

Without doubt the JW Automarine parachute type lifting bags represent the most versatile and generally useful of all underwater lifting bags. A great deal of research and creative design has been applied to the evolution and production of the minor and professional ranges of parachute type underwater lifting bags. Their apparently simple and natural shape was developed for optimum strength, with a single point attachment for ease of deployment and stable performance.

On lifting bags from 1 tonne (model PR1) to 50 tonne (model PR50) a load restraining harness of heavy duty polyester webbing is fabricated into the skin of the bag. The harness, together with the air bag skin has a safe working load ratio of 6:1. The smaller range of parachute lifting bags 50 Kg (Model M1) to 2 tonne (Model PR2) have load restraints of heavy duty polyester webbing sewn and welded to the air bag skin and again have a S.W.L. of 6:1. All parachute type lifting bags have top mounted lanyard and push-button operated high flow dump valves and, from Models PR3 to PR50, ¾ " B.S.P. ball valves with camlock quick release hose connections which are supplied as standard.


  • Fabricated from high tenacity polyester cloth coated with PVC
  • Capacities from 100kg to 50,000kg
  • Open bottom style for simple air and water displacement
  • Single shackle fixing point for upright and stable lifts
  • Durable, versatile and easy to use
  • Controlled buoyancy by air release through the top mounted lanyard and large dump valve system
  • Safe working load ratio of 6:1
  • Industry standard

Quality Certifications

  • EN ISO 9001:2000 Certificate Number GB93 / 1901
  • CE Registration Reference 415 / 01D016

Additional Premier Range Quality Certifications
  • Manufactured and Tested in accordance with IMCAD016, Rev 2 Guidelines