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ELECTRACORE Heated vest (S-XXL) Unisex ND

Produktnummer: HEATED-VEST-X

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Provide heat to give complete warmth to the body when working in cold conditions.

The Northern Diver ‘Electracore’ heated vest has been designed and manufactured with your comfort and warmth in mind. The three heat settings allow you to pick a temperature that suits you and if it happens that you want to raise or lower the temperature, the switch has been positioned in an easy to reach position to the left of your midriff – ensuring that even when you’re wearing your suit, the button remains easy to access.

The ‘Electracore’ was originally designed and developed for use by the UK Ministry of Defence and is constructed to the highest quality. It has been made using a flexible 3.0mm black neoprene shell along with a snug fleece inner lining maintaining comfort for the user, whilst also insulating and reflecting the heat back on to the body, so even if the vest is turned off, there will still be noticeable thermal benefits. The colour of the On/Off button will identify the heat of the vest. With up to a ten-hour run time, the included ‘Smart’ Lithium-Ion battery will last for several dives/uses.

Smart Lithium-Ion battery included. The built in heat panels are waterproof, CE approved and conforms to EN 61000-6-1:2019, EN 61000-6-3:2007/A 1 :2011/AC:2012. There are 3 heat panels in total, located on the upper and lower back to keep critical organs warm.


The battery (included) is not 100% waterproof. This garment has been designed to be worn underneath a dry suit when being used in and around water. If drysuit floods with water the system should be switched off, the dive aborted and the batteries removed. Take care when extracting the output lead from the pocket, it is not designed to be greatly extended and will cause damage to the lining of the pocket if pulled too far.  

Why use a heated vest?

  • Working efficiency increases
  • Working safety increases
  • Mobility is better (no need to wear multiple layers)
  • Comfort increases
  • Even though you don’t move, you feel warm

Settings (as indicated by on/off button colour)

Red: High-power at 50°C. Total runtime is 3 hours 10 mins.
Blue: Mid-power at 40°C. Total runtime is 4 hours 30 mins.
Green: Low-power at 25°C. Total runtime is 6 hours 30 mins.
Please note: Runtimes will be reduced if the power to the vest is repeatedly turned on and off during use.

Heated vest uses?
Northern Divers heated vest can be used in a number of scenarios, it has been designed to keep you warm in cold conditions whether that be underwater or on the surface!
It can be worn under a drysuit or surface suit to keep divers or working professionals, such as water rescue/mountain rescue teams, warm. Equally you can wear the Electracore under an outdoor jacket to keep you toasty warm on cold winter walks and outdoor adventures.