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EOS 10 LRZ - oppladbar dykkelykt Mares

Produktnummer: 415644

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EOS LRZ er 3. generasjon av de populære Mares EOS lyktene, EOS 10LRZ med sine 1100 lumen har bra styrke gjennom hele dykket, funger som hovedlykt eller "backup" lykt. For fridykking, sportsdykking og arbeidsdykking. Oppladbar via USB kabel.

Mares EOS 10LRZ  -  oppladbar dykkelykt

En lykt i mares EOS RZ serien, 1100 lumen, 150 minutt brenntid på full effekt. Zoom 12° til 75° 


The Mares EOS 10LRZ underwater torch is an anodised aluminium rechargeable torch with 1100 lumens of power and 150 minutes of autonomy.

The three LEDs provide a powerful light for the entire duration of a dive. The light beam can be adjusted by the diver during a dive by simply rotating the head of the torch. The light intensity can be adjusted via the handy, mechanical, multifunction switch with battery charge indicator, which is very useful for keeping the battery under control, even during a dive. Intuitive and safe, it avoids any water infiltration inside the torch. With a simple touch, you can set four different torch functions: full power, approximately 40% power, flashing and off. A new, electronic, double-push safety device in the switch prevents accidental switch-on. The battery can be recharged via a USB cable connected to a PC or any 5 Volt adapter. The battery charger with LED charge indicator makes it easy to understand the actual charge.

The tubular handle allows the torch to be used with one hand.

The innovative temperature control system allows the torch to be used out of the water.

The Mares EOS 10LRZ underwater torch comes with a padded zippered case, made of highly resistant material for better protection.

The main features of the Mares EOS 10LRZ are:

  • One 1100 LUMEN CREE XML-2 LED
  • Single LED with lens
  • Magnetic beam adjuster
  • Visual battery charge indicator
  • 150 minutes of autonomy (at maximum power)
  • Integrated rechargeable battery
  • USB charging cable
  • Visual LED charging indicator
  • Wide light beam
  • Multifunctional mechanical switch
  • An "electronic safety" device prevents unintentional switching on - just double-click the switch to turn the torch on
  • Four modes: full power, low power, flashing, off
  • Easy, one-handed operation
  • Tubular handle
  • Adjustable wrist strap
  • Padded case with zip


BULB: 1*XML-2 Cool white LED Chip
SWITCH MODE: High - Low - Flash/SOS
BODY DIAMETER: 34mm / 1.3in
HEAD DIAMETER: 57mm / 2.2in
WEIGHT (WITH BATTERIES): 543.8g / 19oz
MAX. OPERATING DEPTH: 120m / 393ft
TOTAL LENGTH: 202mm / 7.9in
TIME TO CHARGE: 6 h (5V1A adapter) - 12 h (PC 500mA)
LED LUMENS: 1100 - 360 - /
BURN TIME (MIN): 150 - 210 - 195
LIGHT BEAM (1M DISTANCE): Hot Spot (12°) - Corona (75°)
(MM/IN): 220mm / 8.6in - 1550mm / 61in