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Fangstnett 50x60cm (Sort) Mares

Produktnummer: 425572BK

inkl. mva.

Fangstnett som kan åpnes og lukkes ved bruk av en hånd. Glidelås i bunn for enkel tømming. 50x60 cm, D-ring for feste.

Fangstnett, åpnes med en hånd - Mares


  • Large bag: 50 x 60cm
  • Includes a spring opening mechanism and a frame made from high-grade stainless steel
  • Spring-loaded snap closure for easy one-handed operation
  • Spring mechanism eliminates the possibility of your catch escaping the bag once caught
  • Mesh drainage bottom makes it easier to lift the bag out of the water and on to the boat at the end of your dive
  • Full length zip along the bottom of the bag makes emptying your catches very easy
  • D-ring for secure attachment to your buoy