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Gummi ventil tallerken (Ø=85 mm) for liming på drakt (45 & 55 mm ring) Si Tech

Produktnummer: 60895

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Ventil tallerken (Ø=85 mm) for liming på drakt, Si Tech

Valve port

This Valve port can either be glued or welded to trilaminate drysuits.

Technical specification:

  • PU
  • Outer diameter: 85 mm
  • Inner diameter: 33 mm
  • Dual groove
  • Fits all SI TECH valves
  • Inner sealing track Ø=45 mm (Viking suits)
  • Outer sealing track Ø=55 mm


SI TECH Valve ports are designed to accomodate a waterproof attachment of the valve to the drysuit and to facilitate detachment for service. The Valve port will support most valves for a minimum load of 50 kp in attachment strength. This will ensure valve attachment, e.g. at heavy pulling in the connection hose if the diver gets stuck.

For attachment of Valve port, please contact a professional drysuit service facility.