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Hette 6,5mm Arctic Black SuperVent (S-XL) Northern Diver

Produktnummer: HD-XX

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6,5 mm neopren hette Northern Diver

Northern Diver Arctic Black 6,5 mm neopren hette

The Arctic Black Supervent hood is Northern Diver’s specifically designed dive hood. This combines our unique Supervent technology with the comfort of our superstretch neoprene, in one versatile product.

The ‘one way flow’ Supervent, removes trapped air from the inside of the hood, increasing comfort and ensuring a perfect fit during use.

This is manufactured from our 6.5mm superstretch neoprene, increasing flexibility and comfort. Also encompassing our unique Ti-Ax® heat reflective technology for superior warmth, with an external MA stretch lining for longevity.

In addition, this Arctic Black Supervent hood is suitable for use with both wetsuits and drysuits.

  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL

Finn riktig størrelse:

To mål trengs for å finne finne riktig størrelse på hetter:

  • Panne omkrets / Forehead circumference
  • Nakke omkrets / Neck circumference

Størrelser hetter (Unisex):

  S M L XL
Panne, cm 54,5 57 59,5 61
Forehead, inc. 21,5" 22,5" 23,5" 24"
Nakke, cm 35,5 38 40,5 43
Neck, inc. 14 15 16 17