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HiD Aquatex Trilaminate tørrdrakt (M-XXL) skalldrakt Northern Diver (fra kr)

Produktnummer: HiD-XX

inkl. mva.

HID Membran Tørrdrakt fra Northern Diver

Slitesterk og driftsikker skall drakt, neoprene i hals og latex på armer

Maybe you're a technical or wreck diver, or perhaps you simply want to invest in an extra-strong membrane drysuit that flexes in tune with your body when diving. We are delighted to present the all-new HID, our technical tri-laminate drysuit.

The HID is manufactured from ultra hard-wearing black Aquatex fabric. Don't expect a considerable amount of excess material, a usual feature of a membrane drysuit, as the Constant Fit Tension Flex system on our technical tri-laminate drysuit fits closely whilst moving in tune with the diver's body. This system, located at the waist of the drysuit, is a fold of the drysuit's material that extends and retracts as the diver's movements dictate. Should the diver kneel down, reach high, reach back or simply bend forwards, the HID will move effortlessly with them. A removable crotch strap is also included.

As the HID is front-entry, the Constant Fit Tension Flex system comes in handy when putting on and removing the drysuit; when completing these processes, the YKK high-compression Aquaseal zip is not put under excessive pressure, nor the diver's neck.
The all-new HID has new and useful features. With items such as a dive computer in mind, we have added our recently developed Anti Slip Equipment Anchor to each wrist. Owing to the anti-slip material used, the anchor helps to keep your equipment secure and in position for the duration of the dive. There is also a pocket for our popular new Flexi-Light just below the shoulder on the side of the left arm.

The HID has a zipped transporter pocket, with an integrated diver's knife pocket, on the side of the right thigh. In the same position on the left thigh, there is a Velcro bellows pocket. If you're a technical or wreck diver carrying specialist diving equipment, or just like to have generous drysuit pockets, the HID has it covered. Drysuit pockets can be removed and different ones can be added on request if you wish.

The HID is supplied with a neoprene neck seal with a neoprene warmer, latex wrist seals, ultra-durable hard sole boots and our high performance inflation and exhaust valves in the standard positions. All of these parts can be customised on request if you wish.

To help you take to the water as soon as possible in your new HID, it is supplied complete with a 5mm neoprene dual-flow hood, drysuit carry bag, hose and maintenance kit.

  • Manufactured from black Aquatex tri-laminate fabric
  • Constant Fit Tension Flex system
  • Sleek design with added overprinting on pockets and seat area that is anti-slip and provides abrasion protection
  • Anti Slip Equipment Anchor fitted to both wrists
  • Neoprene neck seal with neoprene warmer
  • Latex wrist seals
  • Front entry YKK high-compression Aquaseal zip with streamlined zip protection flap
  • Zipped transporter pocket on right thigh with integrated knife pocket
  • Bellows pocket fitted on left thigh
  • Flexi-Light stick pocket
  • Heavy duty seam free crotch with adjustable and removable crotch strap
  • Pre-bent KN601 Kevlar® kneepads
  • Ultra-durable hard sole boots
  • Valves in standard positions
  • 5mm neoprene hood with dual-flow vent system
  • Drysuit carry bag, hose and maintenance kit included

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