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HORIZON Goggle/Mask - CLWBLBL - Svømmebriller HEAD

Produktnummer: 91-451052clwblbl

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HEAD Horizon svxmmebriller

Svxmmebriller optimalisert for bruk i epnet vann

Ver anbefaling for bruk til Triathlon og epent vann trening. God passform, Horizon er noe mindre i sjxrtet en Jaguar modellene, noe som gjxr at den sitter godt og passer flere. Finnes i flere farger, med og uten speilglass.

New silicone skirt, new colors, new design. High Performance swimming mask with Bi-Silicone Technology, Rapid Adjustment System, and with Curved Conical Lens that compliment perfectly with the face and offer an optimum peripheral view.

Producing functional, high-quality eyewear requires the expertise of accomplished and creative designers who have a wealth of experience within aquatic sports and value the importance of style, quality, fit and comfort. HEAD’s Italian Aquatic Design Team created a collection of exclusive and exceptional designs to “out-perform” existing products on the market.

HEAD utilize the latest high-tech materials and production methods to ensure that all LiquidSkin Eyewear designs offer ultimate comfort and fit.

Quality materials and attention to detail guarantees flexible, lightweight and durable eyewear with sleek, hydrodynamic profiles and a secure seal.

HEAD eyewear features anti-fog treated polycarbonate lenses with UV-protection. The new colour-coded packaging indicates the product’s “ideal use“, making it easier for the customer to find his or her perfect goggles.

The exclusive and patented bi-silicone technology adds matchless properties to an already high-performing material. Thanks to a softer silicone, the mask easily adapts to any face and fits incomparably comfortable. Around the supporting structure of the mask a harder silicone is used, which offers better resistance to the mechanical stress where the rigid frame and the mask skirt are joined. The buckles are attached on the harder silicone, to facilitate an appropriate tension for the mask strap.

  • NO FOG - Lens is specially treated & impregnated into the Lens to ensure that vision remains clear.
  • UV 100% - Provides eye protection against harmful Ultra Violet Rays.
  • Bi-Silicone materials & construction provides ultra soft comfort and fit.
  • QUICK ADJ Rapid Adjustment System Exclusive system providing secure and fast personalisation on fit.

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