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Inner Lock Combo Box with Sound Powered Phone, Amron

Produktnummer: 3125

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Amron International Inner-Lock Combo Box with Sound Powered Phone

Chamber communication system


  • Pre-wired, tested with Easy Mounting System
  • Electrical Penetrator Adapter with indexing mounting provision
  • Talk-back Speaker and on/off switch
  • Sound powered phone and bracket
  • Chamber temperature probe
  • Scrubber power circuit wiring
  • Chamber conditioning wiring
  • Headset connection wired for duplex Simulcom (headset optional)
  • Gray epoxy powdercoat

The Inner-Lock Combo Box is a small, compact package that saves precious space in the Inner lock.  As part of Amron's "Easy as 1-2-3 System," Model 3125 allows you to set up your chamber communications, auxiliary and electrical wiring with ease, just as the name implies. This system is a complete "off the shelf", pre-tested chamber communication and wiring system for a double lock chamber. The system is designed for installation by non-electrical type personnel and requires only a crescent wrench and a screw driver. This eliminates the engineering and hunting for all the bits and pieces necessary to properly wire a chamber.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: Amron's communications equipment is designed to be used in air chambers where oxygen concentrations remain below 23.5%. Our communications products (including communicators, speakers, entertainment systems, and other communications accessory items) are NOT designed for oxygen service, are not intrinsically safe, and do not meet the criteria given in NFPA-99, Chapter 20 and other applicable definitions. Use of our products in high-concentration Oxygen environments may result in serious injury and/or death.