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Innløpsventil Int'l for tørrdrakt Apeks

Produktnummer: AP0703

inkl. mva.

Apeks Innløpsventil m/Int'l nippel (samme som på vester)

The Apeks inflation valve is robust and reliable, featuring an extra-large recessed push-button allowing for easy operation with cold hands or thick gloves. The smooth back plate gives protection from uncomfortable pressure loads on the chest and prevents cold air blasts through underclothing. The valve also sits low on the chest making it less prone to snagging in BCD fixtures.

Rotation is a key feature of this valve, meeting the diver's personal hose configuration. The valve is designed to rotate 360 degrees for flexibility and to assist suit manufacturers in fitting valves. Connect the valve to your first stage via a 3/8" UNF male coupling. This valve represents the ultimate in dry suit inflation.

Supplied with Apeks reliable CEJN quick disconnect hose nipple or a Seatec type hose fitting.

Apeks - O-ring

Tørrdraktsnippel for Apeks levers uten o-ring, denne er orginal for bruk mellom nipel og ventil.

Nippel Cejn uten o-ring, for Apeks ventil

CEJ'n nipel til Apeks draktventil, leveres uten o-ring