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K2 Extreme vams "one piece" (S-3XL) Scubapro

Produktnummer: 7817XX00

inkl. mva.

Tilpasset P-Valv på herremodell, og U-glidelås bak på dame modell.


Scubapro K2 Extreme vams - dame og herre

The undergarment of choice for drysuit diving, the K2 Extreme is the ultimate in cold-water thermal insulation, sporting a modern eye-catching design and one-piece steamer styling. For maximum thermal insulation, the undersuit is made of a breathable and stretchy dual fleece material. It includes compression padding on the shoulders, chest and knees for both comfort and warmth. The roomy hip pockets secure with zippers, and elastic wrist loops and heel straps enhance fit and prevent ride-up when donning a drysuit. The K2 Extreme can be counted on to always keep you warm and dry.


  • Dual Fleece material 629 g/m2 (+/-10%) with 919 g/m2 on shoulders, chest & knees is breathable and stretchy, delivering maximum thermal insulation.
  • Compatible with trilaminate drysuits.
  • Steamer design includes anti-squeeze protection padding on shoulders, chest and knees.
  • Storage pockets with zippers are located on both hips.
  • Elastic wrist loops and heel straps prevent ride-up when pulling on a drysuit.
  • Convenient front double slider zipper ensures easy donning and doffing.
  • Holes on legs can be adapted to P valves. (Men suit)
  • Features a front single slider zipper plus a U-zipper in the seat area. (Women suit)