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Konsoll, dobbel m/ZOOP NOVO (Lime) Suunto

Produktnummer: SS022217000

inkl. mva.

Konsoll med manometer og Zoop Novo Lime computer.

Suunto Zoop Novo i dobbel konsoll med 300 bar manometer

Suunto Combo Console with 300 bar pressure gauge (SM-36) and Zoop Novo dive computer

The Suunto Combo Console CB - Two-In-Line allows you to create a personal console according to your own specific needs. You can mount depth gauges by using the CB-In-Line Boot. You can also mount dive compasses to the front or back.

Outstanding quality, reliability, and accuracy
Extremely durable and flexible
Made in Finland


  • Combo configuration upgradable with easily attachable modules
  • Compatible with Suunto Quick Release
  • Suitable for sub-zero temperatures
  • Bright phosphorescent display
  • With Miflex Carbon HD high pressure hose

What's in the box?
CB - Two-In-Line, Miflex hose, Zoop Novo quick guide, Combo manual, warranty leaflet, safety leaflet and Suunto logo sticker.

Zoop Novo Computer (ass. farger) for arm Suunto

Blant våre bestselgere. En driftssikker dykke computer som dekker de viktigste krav, mye brukt av arbeids dykker.