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Origin Commercial 6,5 mm Drysuit (M-XXL) (neoprene neck/cuff seal) Tørrdrakt Northern Diver

Produktnummer: ORIGINC

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Origin Commercial Drysuit Northern Diver

Tilpasset arbeidsdykking. Standard levert med neoprene (rubbatex) arm og halstetninger.

Origin 800, the original Northern Diver drysuit, is still incredibly popular with experienced divers around the world and remains the first choice for commercial divers.

Available in factory stock in commercial sizes and for immediate delivery. All suits are a generous fit to allow for any combination of undersuits and insulation.

Manufactured from 6.5mm XO grade neoprene, it features an extremely tough Armourtex. outer lining for added durability. And on the inside the Ti-Ax. Thermacote. heat reflective lining helps keep you warm in colder waters. The Origin drysuit is a generous fit to allow more room for undergarments. Available in black, the Origin 800 looks as stylish as ever - This timeless design never dates, proving that when a considered design and pattern is right, it stands the test of time.

Available off-the-shelf with wide-fitting boots or steel toe cap and mid-sole foil safety boots (Toecap and mid-sole foil conform to Safety Boot Standard EN12568/98).

With RockFabric. elbow, shoulder and knee protection plus heavy-duty rubber kneepads, Origin is durable enough to withstand years of action.

Origin is a proven, no-nonsense commercial divers drysuit.

Origin is also suitable for non-commercial divers performing long duration shallow water diving, diving with little physical movement or long duration deco-stop diving.

  • Origin comes as standard with rubbatex (Neoprene) neck and cuff seals or can be modified with an attached hood, latex seals or whatever is required
  • Cutting rod pocket on right side with knife loops & transporter pocket with 2” D-ring on left side
  • Your choice of pockets
  • Supplied with rubber reinforcing valve patches fitted in centre of chest & left bicep
  • Northern Diver push button swivel air inflation system & adjustable air exhaust valve (or an auto cuff dump) all valves can be fitted wherever required
  • Fly relief zip (optional)
  • Optional reinforced toe and mid-sole safety boot
  • Options include fly relief zip and attached dry hood with latex neck seal combined, braces/suspenders, latex cuff ring system and optional dry gloves

Størrelser: M ML L XL XLR XXL XXXL
Høyde 173 178 183 188 188 193 196
Vekt 70 83 89 95 108 102 117
Nakke (neopren) 38 39 40,5 42 43 43 46
Håndledd (neopren) 17 18 18,5 19 19 19,5 20
Bryst 96-102 101-106 107-112 112-117 112 117-122 127
Midje 81-86 86-91 91-97 96-102 112 107-112 117
Hofte 96-102 102-107 107-112 112-117 122 117-122 127
Sko UK 8 9 9 + 10 10 + 11 10+11 10 + 11 12
Sko Euro 42 43 43 + 44 44 + 45 44 + 45 44 + 45 46