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Oxygen Sensor D-05, Sat Systems Oxygen / OxySpy Analyzers.

Produktnummer: D-05

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O2 sensor type D-05 kan brukes med: OxySpy, Divesoft Analyzer, Divesoft 2

OxySpy® Sensor D-05 Spare Part

O2 sensor type D-05

Not suitable for rebreathers! Only our D05-(R) is suitable for rebreathers.

NRC offers replacement sensors for almost all oxygen analyzers and rebreathers on the market, which are characterized by first-class quality.
Manufacturing in Germany guarantees first-class quality and therefore the most accurate measurement results. Each sensor delivered is individually tested and checked.

Oxygen Sensor D-05R for OxySpy and numerous rebreathers

O2 sensor type D-05R kan brukes med:Megalodon, Buddy Evolution, Poseidon Rebreather, rEvo, Pathfinder, Optima, Sentinel, Prisma, Divesoft CCR Liberty, Kiss Rebreather