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Puck PRO (Grå) computer for arm Mares

Varenummer: 03-0119

inkl. mva.

Mares Puck PRO dykkecomputer

Nitrox fra 21 - 99% og mulighet for inntil 2 gasser


  • Slim design for a perfect fit
  • Large display for superior readability
  • Intuitive user interface

When Mares introduced the Puck dive computer on the market in 2008, it sent a shockwave rippling through the industry: a super intuitive, easy to use, full-featured RGBM nitrox computer at an extremely competitive price. Now we are doing it again. Though improving on the original concept was not easy, we did so by implementing a larger display in a slimmer design, then added upgradeable firmware and multigas capability. All the bells and whistles, no unnecessary frills.
Puck Pro is the computer that can accompany you through years and years of diving adventures.

EAN (NITROX) from 21% to 99%





Code: 414122
Max Displayed Depth: 150 m (492 ft)
Memory capacity: 36 hr
Profile Sampling Rates: 5 s
Stopwatch: No
Battery Power Indicator: Yes
Transmitter Lithium Battery (user-replaceable): Yes
Plan Mode: Yes
Choice of Metrical/Imperial Units: Yes
Fresh and Seawater Settings: Yes
Residual Nitrogen Reset: Yes
Option to exclude audible alarms: Yes
Exclusion of "Uncontrolled Ascent": Yes
Ascent Rate Indicator: Yes
Ascent Rate Digital Indicator (m/min - ft/min): Yes
Altitude Adjustment: Yes










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