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R-Vest 1000 kg (std) Surface Diver Harness w/backpack and QR Weight Pockets (Kampac) ND

Produktnummer: R-VEST-BP

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Harness med backpack og vektsystem. Standard (STD)  størrelse, beregnet for dykkere med brystmål 91cm - 116cm, og vekt opp til 95 kg.

All the benefits of a harness in an easy to don jacket.

Northern Diver R-Vests have been developed to assist divers. Rather than have several cumbersome items of kit, R-Vests enables you to replace them with this one, easy to don jacket. Also known in the industry as recovery vests, our R-Vests combine a recovery harness, cylinder attachment, quick-release weight belt and work vest with tool attachment points into one body-hugging unit.

With an overall breaking strength of 1000kg, which they're had indepentantly tested, the Northern Diver R-Vests surpass the requirements set by the Association of Diving Contractors International. They're manufactured and tested to IMCA's guidelines as well as being EN 15333-1:2008 compliant.

The waistcoat style we've adopted for our R-Vests is available in 2 different sizes. So you can choose the right fit for you:

  • Chest Size: STANDARD | 91cm - 116cm | 36" - 46"
  • Chest Size: XL | 121cm - 162cm | 48" - 64"

Northern Diver also manufacture R-Vest Commercial Tool Bags and additional R-Vest pockets which are available to purchase separately.

Northern Diver build and test Northern Diver R-Vests to last.
They updated R-Vest design in 2018 from the former eyelet adjustment staps to our new slide lock buckle and webbing, this latest adaptation makes the R-vest more durable, they now require fewer service intervals and less maintenance. Northern Diver manufacture they're recovery vests from ultra-durable materials to ensure a long product life without compromising on comfort for the wearer.

The back pack style R-Vest comes with a cam band on the plastic back plate for attaching and securing your cylinder. Northern Diver packed they're recovery vest full of features to make it work for you. There's a quick release R-Vest Commercial bag for tools along with quick release weight pockets to ensure a speedy exit to the surface in an emergency. The waist and crotch straps are adjustable to ensure the wearer is comfortable. They're created a loop in the webbing for carrying a hammer and all of the D-rings, buckles and metal fittings are marine grade 316 Stainless Steel so they don't rust and again ensure the longevity of they're R-Vest.

Northern Diver R-Vests' one-piece jacket design means that a diver can pull the vest around them and be ready to enter the water within minutes. The fact that it's a lifting safety vest enables the wearer to be quickly extracted from the water in an emergency, using any of the front or rear D-ring lifting points, all of which are tested to a breaking strength of 1000kg. You can even lower divers into the water using the R-Vest D-rings.

Quality you can count on - EN 15333-1:2008 tested and compliant.

Because they combine high quality manufacture with dependability in emergency situations, Northern Diver R-Vests have become an incredibly popular option for commercial dive teams across the world, for a number of diverse operational applications.

Built for the most demanding of conditions, they're R-Vest's high spec enables you to have confidence in its capabilities under pressure and its ability to improve diver safety. The functionality and durability of the Northern Diver R-Vest gives the diver wearing it confidence in their own safety while offering maximum comfort.

Setting a new improved standard in diving.

Northern Diver R-Vests have been developed and constructed in line with the International Consensus Standards for Commercial Diving and Underwater Operations. As with they're original design, the R-vest evenly distributes the diver’s weight and the weight of his equipment across the body. The R-Vest is built for the most demanding of conditions.

With an overall breaking strength of 1000kg, the Northern Diver R-Vest surpasses the requirements set by the Association of Diving Contractors International. Northern Diver took they're R-Vest to an independant testing house for CE approval. Every D-ring is tested to a 1000kg lifting weight and breaking strain. They're R-Vests aren't just compliant with EN 15333-1:2008, each of the 9 D-rings on they're R-Vest has been tested to this standard too, that's why Northern Diver know they won't fail you in the field.

Compliance with EN regulations is slightly different from testing. The reason Northern Diver has tested the R-Vests to ensure they're compliance with EN 15333-1:2008 is to give you the confidence that you can put your trust in Northern Diver's R-Vests and in us to ensure the safety of your team.

Northern Diver's design reflects they're understanding of the considerations that are important to you when you invest in equipment. Northern Diver know that considerations of comfort and safety are of paramount importance when developing they're equipment.

In what conditions should I use the R-Vest?

The Northern Diver R-Vest is designed as a lifting safety vest when diving. They're advise it's used as an equipment tool consolidation device in the Commercial Diving Sector. Northern Diver R-Vest is an recovery harness, cylinder attachment, quick-release weight belt and work vest all-in-one. You can use it to lower a diver into the water, or in an emergency, recover a get diver from the water - even if they're unconscious too. Use in alternative scenarios is the decision and responsibility of the wearer.

How should I clean my R-Vest?

To keep your R-Vest in the best condtion possible, we advise that you rinse it in fresh water and then let it dry naturally after each use. If you need to, you can also clean it with warm soapy water, however, it must then be thoroughly rinsed with fresh water and then left to dry naturally afterwards. You should always store your R-Vest in a clean dry environment, we advise you keep your R-Vest away from sources of direct sunlight or heat.

What sizes does Northern Diver's R-Vest come in?

The R-Vest comes in two sizes, Standard and XL. 
Standard is for users with a chest size of between 91cm to 116cm (or 38” to 46”). They advise the maximum weight of the user for a Standard R-Vest is 15 stone (or 95.5 kg). The user of the Extra Large (XL) R-Vest will have a chest size between 121cm - 162cm (or 48" - 64"). Their maximum weight should be 21 stone (133.5 kg).

What does EN 15333-1:2008 tested actually mean?

For Northern Diver R-Vest they're had it independently tested against the European Standard 15333-1 clauses 5.11.2 (Lifting Harness), 6.2 (Visual Inspection), 6.8 (Lifting Harness), 6.9 (Sea Water Resistance), 6.13.3 (Basic Testing) and 6.13.4 (Functional Testing when Diving).

This means Northern Diver R-Vest:

  • Can be used to lift an unconscious diver from the water.
  • Doesn't need to be removed along with any diving gear attached to it in an emergency.
  • Has lifting points on both the back and front.
  • Each lifting point (and the adjustment buckles) can withstand a tensile force of 9,000N.
  • Had no tearing or indication of failure when subjected to a tensile force of 9,000N for 5 minutes in a direction of lift on each lifting point.
  • Passed a sea water resistance test. This test means it was submerged for 8 hours in seawater and then, without being cleaned in fresh water, left in air or 16 hours with a relative humidity of no more than 75%, all at a temperature of between 15°C - 25°C. This cycle is completed four times for the test. 

The testing of R-Vest underwent was done independently from Northern Diver. The tests were performed using at least six test subjects working in airs as an obsever/ operator and as a wearer. They tested the security of the fastenings and couplings, the R-Vest comfort and checked that there ere no sharp edges or protrusions that could injur a diver wearing it. They checked how the R-Vest functioned out of the water and made sure that it as easy to don and doff the R-Vest without help on land - this included the adjusting of all the straps.

Please note: the R-Vest comes with R-Vest Pockets, however, we sell these separately so you can purchase spares or replacements in case you lose them during a quick-release.

R-Vest 1000 kg (XL) Surface Diver Harness w/backpack and QR Weight Pockets (Kampac) ND

Harness med backpack og vektsystem. XL er veldig stor i størrelsen, beregnet for dykkere med brystmål 121cm-162cm og vekt opp til 133 kg.