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Rebel BC Junior vest (one size) ScubaPro

Produktnummer: 21222010

inkl. mva.

Scubapro Rebel Jr. BCD dykkervest

En størrelse, leveres med tilbehør for mer tilpassning etter hvert som en vokser.

Ideel BCD for å ha i flere år. 


Especially designed for younger divers, the front-adjustable Rebel is built tough to last. Its wraparound bladder provides a stable and secure ride at depth, and the padded backpack and cummerbund offer a lot of additional comfort. Three dump valves and optional weight integration add to its ease-of-use. The one-size-fits all is aided by a choice of cummerbunds to help dial in a snug fit.

  • Constructed of 420 Denier nylon for lightweight durability
  • Optional gravity release weight pouches eliminate the need for a weight belt
  • Padded back pack provides extra cushion when strapped to a tank
  • Adaptable sternum strap and cummerbund allow for a comfortable fit
  • Standard web strap with lightweight buckle holds the tank securely
  • Balanced inflator and three dump valves allow for pinpoint buoyancy control
  • Three plastic D-rings provide lots of opportunities for carrying extra gear


Bly lommer (par) for REBEL BCD - ScubaPro

Blylommer / Weight Pocket - for Rebel BCD (pair)