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Trigon Pee valve Si Tech

Produktnummer: 11942si

inkl. mva.

Perfekt for de som har lange dykk.


Use a Pee Valve and extend your bottom time. No use having loads of breathing gas when nature prevents you from concentrating. Long working hours and deco times are no longer a problem. Relieve yourself in a donned drysuit!

Low profile Pee Valve with unique properties. The TRIGON Pee Valve is developed for enhanced safety and comfort during long duration dives. The low profile minimizes the risk of getting caught in wires, fishing nets, rusted plates, rocks, equipment or debris during the dive. The TRIGON provides amazing performance through its innovative construction and low profile.


  • TRIGON Pee Valve
  • Internal Valve port
  • Disassembly tool TRIGON
  • On/Off Valve TRIGON
  • O-ring
  • Hose (50 cm)
  • Blanking Plug
  • Uridomes 30 mm (2 pcs)

    Accessories/Spare parts:

  • Uridome 25 mm (item no: 11907)
  • Uridome 30 mm (item no: 11908)
  • Uridome 35 mm (item no: 11909)
  • She-P kit (item no: 16-00001); She-P, Quick Disconnector, Hollister Spray and Remover Wipes