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Tron ML-100 Yellow LED 25-flasc at 5 Cd. (Erstatter MF-1112) Jotron

Produktnummer: 87331

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Tron ML-100 Marking lights - Jotron

Spesially set for marking of Salmon fish farm reguarding to law

Ved bruk av "Synch-Master Tron ML-100" for synkronisering, vil rekkevidde være innenfor en radius på 1000 meter. Ved palssering av master i senter, vil dekning mellom ytterpunkt da kunne være 2000 meter. Uten bruk av "Synk Master", vil rekkevidde være innenfor en radius på 100 meter.

Replaces MF-1111LED, MF-1112 and MF-1111B. For marking of different types of fishing equipment such as nets, long line equipment, buoys, seismic cables, anchor chains or moorings, fish farms, oil cables and offshore installations.

The new Tron ML-series has high intensity LEDs with several enhanced features implemented. They can be activated through programming of:

  • Light-intensity
  • Flash-rate
  • Synchronization (and master/slave)
  • Daylight switch (with adjustable ambient light level for ON/OFF)
  • Tron ML-100 is powered by 3 Alkaline D-sized battery cells, total of 4.5 VDC


The new Tron ML-series has a module-based construction, making them user-friendly during any service and repair. Jotron Tron ML-series replaces the previous MF-marking light series from Jotron. Tron ML-100 is mechanical identical with previous marking lights MF-1111 LED, MF-1112 and MF-1111B powered by 3 Alkaline D-sized battery cells.

Tron ML-El unit, 4.5 VDC and 10-27 VDC. The new Tron ML-series El-unit is used in all the new Tron ML-series of marking lights with different programming.


  • Material housing: ABS
  • Material lens: Lexan
  • Light system: LED (white, yellow or red)
  • Light intensity (Red LED 5-Cd only): 5- or 15-Cd (Candela)
  • Surface range: 2 or 3 NM (nautical miles)
  • Waterproof: Down to 200 meters
  • Activation switch: Magnet/reed and daylight-sensor
  • Flash-rate: 25-flash/min
  • Software programming: Flash rate, intensity, sync, daylight switch
  • Power/battery-type: 4.5 VDC, 3 x Alkaline D-size battery cells
  • Lens colour: White
  • LED colour standard: White or yellow
  • LED colour option: Red
  • Length: 335 mm / Ø: 100 mm
  • Fixing option: Floater Jotron part.no X-98885