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Synch-Master Tron ML-100 Design 4.5VDC Jotron

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Synch-Master Tron ML-100 design 4.5VDC for use with the Tron ML-series (multi-purpose marking lights).

En master brukes for synkronisering av et annlegg innefor er radius på 1000 meter. Ved palssering av master i senter, vil dekning mellom ytterpunkt da kunne være 2000 meter.

This Tron ML -100 synchronisation master (4.5VDC) is long distance dedicated. Range or use: Marking of fishing equipment, buoys, seismic cables, anchor chains and moorings, fish farms, oil cables and offshore installations, as well as several military applications.

The Tron ML-series has high intensity LEDs with several enhanced features implemented. They can be activated through programming of:

  • Light-intensity
  • Flash-rate
  • Synchronization (and master/slave)
  • Daylight switch (with adjustable ambient light level for ON/OFF)

Tron ML-100 is powered by 3 Alkaline D-sized battery cells, total of 4.5 VDC
Tron ML-200 is powered by a special high capacity battery pack at 4.5 VDC
Tron ML-300 uses external 10-27 VDC

The Tron ML-series has a module-based construction, making them user-friendly during any service and repair.

The Tron ML-series replaces the previous MF-marking light series from Jotron.

Tron ML-100 is mechanical identical with previous marking lights MF-1111 LED, MF-1112 and MF-1111B powered by 3 Alkaline D-sized battery cells.

Tron ML-200, based on the Tron ML-series El-unit in combination with the aluminum tube from previous MF1114 series, is the new long-life operation 4.5 V DC marking light.

Tron ML-300 will replace the previous MF-1117, 1118 and 1119 - and has the same mechanical “foot-print”.

Tron ML-El unit, 4.5 VDC and 10-27 VDC The Tron ML-series El-unit is used in all the Tron ML-series of marking lights with different programming