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UK C4 eLED L2 (575 lm) lykt m/Pistol Grip og batterier

Produktnummer: 51905X

inkl. mva.

575 lumen ved full effekt, brenntid ca 5 timer ved full effekt, vanntett til 150 meter 

UK C4 eLED (L2) Dykkerlykt inkl batterier

Anbefalt som hovedlykt, dette er en oppgradert kraftigere utgave av C4 lykt

The C4 eLED L2 is a major update to one of the world’s favorite dive lights. Combining a significant increase in lumen output with all the qualities you loved about the classic original C4, you’ll enjoy the L2 for any type of diving. A versatile and durable primary dive light, it produces a powerful, penetrating beam in a lightweight, compact case. The C4 eLED L2 produces 575 lumens on high and 200 lumens on low with a maximum runtime of 19 hours. Upgrading to the rechargeable version will increase your maximum lumens to an amazing 1000! 


  • Modell: C4 eLED - L2
  • Dimensjon (L W H): 17.27 cm x 14.22 cm x 8.13 cm
  • Batteri Type: Alkaline utskiftbare / Oppladbare, 4 x C Alkaline / LR14
  • Pære Type: eLED
  • Lys styrke (Alkaline): 575 lm (full effekt) / 200 lm (lav effekt)
  • Brennetid (Alkaline): 5 timer (full effekt) / 19 timer (lav effekt)
  • Vekt: 0,7 kg
  • Maks dybde: 150 m
  • Lykt kategori: Vanntett
  • Lykt formål: Hoved dykkelykt


  • Ergonomic pistol grip for a comfortable holdWill not corrode - Tough composite body, HYDRALUM, and engineering polymer components will hold up for 20 years in seawater
  • Dual power - locking switch toggles between high and low power
  • Safety switch - light will not turn on accidentally underwater
  • Alkaline or rechargeable - Available for 4 C-cells, or a long-life rechargeable battery that will last 10 years with proper care
  • New bezel - tough rubber bezel protects against impact
  • High intensity twin LED module with proprietary convective cooling element
  • Unique optical design unites two high intensity LEDs into one beam with twice the intensity
  • Light from LED is close to sunlight in color and travels farther in water for maximum visibility

UK's innovative optics system now concentrates 89% of the total lumens of the light into the center of the beam, reducing backscatter and greatly improving beam brightness. Typical lights only focus about 40% of their lumens in the center beam, meaning much of the lumen output is lost as stray light.