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ULTIMATE LSR (Rød metallic) Racing svømmebriller HEAD

Produktnummer: 91-451002rdmet

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Konkuransebriller, leveres med 4 forskjellige mellomstykker for optimal tilpasning over nese.

In competition, athletes need goggles that fit snugly in the eye sockets. The racing profile of the “Ultimate LSR” is a spectacular improvement in comfort, fit, and great looks - perfect for high-performance athletes. The “SuperSoft” silicone seal brings a new level of comfort to the low-profile, hard PC lens goggles on the market. 180-degree vision, UV-protection and anti-fog treatment, the split strap for a secure custom fit, and the different standard and mirrored lens designs make these goggles the ultimate choice.

  • NO FOG - Lens is specially treated & impregnated into the Lens to ensure that vision remains clear.
  • UV 100% - Provides eye protection against harmful Ultra Violet Rays.
  • LRS High quality liquid injection silicone.
  • 180° MAX VIEW Wide angle Lens provides Enhanced Peripheral Visibility.
  • FINA Approved

Colors: blue, green and red